What is Adventures in Gameschooling?

Adventures in Gameschooling is a site, where we want to offer free resources and articles to both homeschooling parents and public school teachers for the purpose of using games in the classroom. We also have a bi-monthly podcast starting up soon. 


What is gameschooling?

Gameschooling can have various definitions, but for us, it’s using analog (board, card, dice, etc) games to learn, be it if you are homeschooling or in a more traditional school setting. We also believe that the vast majority of games can be used in learning, and don’t have to be outright “educational.” 


Who are we?

We are all board gamers and have a passion for gameschooling. Here is some more about us as individuals:


Ryan Sanders: Ryan is the founder of Adventures in Gameschooling and the guy behind its social media. Homeschooling parent and father of five (ranging from Kindergarten to High School age). In 2019, he started to actively focus on gameschooing his 5th-grade son. Ryan also runs The Inquisitive Meeple and has conducted over 300 interviews with board game designers and publishers. You can find Ryan on Twitter @inquiry_meeple 


Tom Gurganus: What can be said about Tom? He’s Tom, not Tommy or Thomas and likes to think he is our resident expert. He and his wife homeschooled their three kids for about 19 years, two of them out on their own and one still at home. He also does a podcast called The Go Forth And Game Podcast where he talks to game designers, game industry luminaires, and occasionally lets Ryan talk too. He’s the gameschooling rookie but brings a vast network of gaming contacts and knowledge to this endeavor. You can find Tom on Twitter @tomgurg


Dave Conklin (aka ‘Scholar Dave’) – Dave is the designer behind the upcoming game, Blazon (coming from 25th Century Games). All four of Dave’s children are out of the nest now, but he was gameschooling with them and teaching gameschool classes in local co-ops before it was called gameschooling. Dave brings his veteran wisdom to the group. You can find Dave on Twitter @ _dave_conklin



Our Logo Artist

Jon Merchant – Both our logo and our mascot (Adventure Meeple) was designed by talented Canadian game designer and illustrator, Jon Merchant. His game, Squire for Hire will be out later this year from Letiman Games (click here to find out more), and some of his other games can also be found at https://www.thegamecrafter.com/designers/jon-merchant-games. Jon does take commissions and we gladly recommend him. He can be found on Twitter @JonMerchant21.

Contact Us

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You can also contact us at AdventuresInGameschool@gmail.com