BOO!: 13 ‘Spooky’ Family Board Games

BOO!: 13 ‘Spooky’ Family Board Games

October 4, 2019 0 By Ryan Sanders

We look at 13 different monster-themed games designed for various ages. 

We put together a little for you that covers some different monster-themed games for you as Halloween approaches at the end of this month. We have a game that can fit in your pocket, a few that use 3d boards, one that has players playing it in the dark and even one that is geared towards preschoolers that may be afraid of monsters.  This list is not all-encompassing nor is it trying to be. As with any of our lists, we are just trying to shine a spotlight on games that fit a certain theme or idea, it doesn’t mean we have played all (or any) of these games. However, we do try to pick out games that have at least a decent reputation. Now on to those games…

BOO (Ages 10+)

  • Player Count: 2
  • Ages: 10+
  • Designed by Chris Handy
  • Published by Perplext Games
  • Can be purchased at Perplext Games website

BOO from Perplext games, is part of their Pack O’ Game line. In this 2-player game, you are trying to get more ghosts of your color showing in the graveyard by the end of the game. However, look out because cards can be flipped, with the other side having more ghosts of your opponent’s color. The game itself – is highly portable and fits in a box the size of a Juicy Fruit gum box or so and costs $6 (plus shipping). You can check it out along with a rules video at:

Castle Flutterstone (Ages 6+)

  • Player Count: 2-4
  • Ages 6+
  • Designed by Guido Hoffmann
  • Published by Drei Magier Spiele
  • Can be purchased at

Castle Flutterstone is an action dexterity game, from Germany, where players are flinging/catapulting bats along a path (and up a wall) in this 3d board game, trying to be the first to get to the magical cup and win it. However, be careful not to fall into the moat – or you will have to take a ghost card, which can be good or bad, depending on the effect of the card. 

City of Zombies (A Math Game for Ages 6+)

City of Zombies is a game, specially made for teaching in a school setting – to teach math. Here is a description of the game from BGG, “City of Zombies is a co-operative, dice-based intense team survival game. Players combine dice to target and remove zombies from an ever-advancing horde before their barricade is overrun. The game is suitable for all ages and abilities, and can be played in as little as 15 minutes (in the shorter version). The key game mechanics involve manipulating the numbers rolled on the dice via combinations of mathematical functions (from basic addition and subtraction through to squaring and cube rooting) to hit the exact numbers on the encroaching zombie cards – you need a precise head shot to take them out! ” 

The game comes with 4 levels of play that use different maths concepts – Beginner, Advanced (Perfect Squares), Expert (Prime Numbers), and Master (Negative Numbers & Cubing)

Currently, City of Zombies can be only found in only available in England, so you have to order it from over there if you like to get a copy. There is also a stand-alone card game called City of Zombies: Times Square that can be played by itself OR used as an expansion to City of Zombies

Ghost Blitz/Geistes Blitz Family of Games (Ages 8+)

  • Player Count: 2-8 Players
  • Ages: 8+
  • Designed by Jacques Zeimet
  • Published by Zoch 
  • Can be purchased at

Ghost Blitz family of games include various Ghost Blitz games – Ghost Blitz, Ghost Blitz 2, Ghost Blitz Spooky Doo, etc. They are all designed by Jacques Zeimet and are all real-time pattern recognition games where you are looking at cards and trying to grab one of the wooden objects you place in the middle of the table, depending on if one or more of the things are colored wrong on the picture of the card. You got to be fast since it’s real-time and you are racing against all other players. 

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters (Ages 8+)

  • Player Count: 2-4 Players
  • Ages: 8+
  • Designed by Brian Yu
  • Published by Mattel
  • Can be purchased at

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters is a cooperative game (everyone is one the same team) where players play treasure hunting kids, looking for treasure in a haunted house. Players win if they can get all 8 treasures and whole team out of the house – but can lose if there are 6 hauntings (which happens when a room gets too many ghosts in it).  We should also note that it is ranked #3 best children board game of all time on Board Game Geek and in 2014 won the Kinderspeil der Jahres Award (Best Children Game of the Year Award in Germany). You can also find on amazon – the Creepy Cellar expansion.

Go Away Monster! (Ages 3+)

  • Player Count: 2-4
  • Ages: 3+
  • Designed by Monty & Ann Stambler
  • Published by Gamewright
  • Can be purchased at

Go Away Monster! is a game you can play with your little one that may be scared of monsters, especially with all the Halloween decorations out. Here is the description from Gamewright’s own page Too many monsters? Reach into the bag and feel around to find the pieces that fit your bedroom game board. If you pull out a monster, don’t be scared… just tell that silly old thing to go away. Then get rid of it for good by tossing it into the monster pit and out of your room. You take charge, and the monsters take off! Teaches shape recognition, sharing and cooperation, and best of all, a master over those pesky nighttime monsters!”

Haunt the House (Ages 8+)

  • Players Count: 2-5 Players
  • Ages: 8+
  • Designed by Helaina and Josh Cappel
  • Published by Kids Table Board Gaming
  • Can be purchased at

Here is another haunted house game, but this time you are the ghosts trying to scare the humans. In Haunt the House from KTBG, players take on the role of the ghosts trying to rid their house of those annoying ghost hunters who keep showing up. You are in a contest with other ghosts to be the one to collect the most valuable ghost hunters gear, by scaring them off. Can you out ghost your ghost friends, and be the scariest ghost of the house? 

Horrified (Ages 10+)

  • Player Count: 1-5
  • Ages: 10+
  • Designed by Prospero Hall
  • Published by Ravensburger
  • Can be purchased at or found at your local Target

Horrified is a cooperative game where players worked together as different members of the town to get rid of Classic Universal Horror Monsters – Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, and The Invisible Man. Each monster requires a different way to get rid of them. Will the monsters have their revenge? Or will you, the townsfolk, be able to drive them away from your town before it’s too late. 

King of Tokyo (Ages 8+)

  • Player Count: 2-6 Players
  • Designed by Richard Garfield
  • Published by Iello
  • Can be purchased at

In King of Tokyo, players take on the roles of giant monsters (including spoofs of Godzilla and King Kong)  trying to become…. You guessed it the King of Tokyo. To do this players will be rolling dice Yahtzee style (initial roll and 2 rerolls, choosing which dice to reroll) to heal, causing other monsters damage, to gain victory points and to get energy tokens that will you to buy special rule-breaking cards (some are one-time use and some are ongoing). The first monster to 20 Victory points is proclaimed the King of Tokyo. Also note there is a Halloween expansion that adds two new monsters, as well as some Halloween, themed cards to the game. Quick note: This game does feature player elimination – where you can knock players out of the game for good. 

Monster Chase (Ages 4+)

  • Player Count: 1-5
  • Ages: 4+
  • Designed by Antoine Bauza
  • Published by Iello 
  • Can be purchased at

Monster Chase is a cooperative memory game, where players are trying to get rid of monsters and send them to the closet. If you do this – you win. If the monsters succeed in surrounding your bed they win. Each monster is scared of a certain toy, can you remember where that toy is out of the facedown tiles?

Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game (Ages 9+)

  • Player Count: 2-5
  • Ages: 9+
  • Designed by Forrest-Pruzan Creative
  • Published by Big G Creative
  • Can be purchased at Target 

In Monster Crunch! Players will be taking on roles of there favorite Halloween Cereal mascots –  Boo Berry, Count Chocula, Fruit Brute, Fruity Yummy Mummy, and Franken Berry. The game itself is a card game where you trying to eat the most cereal by discarding cereal cards into your bowl.

Pyramid of Pengqueen (Ages 8+)

  • Player Count: 2-5 Players
  • Ages: 8+
  • Designed by Marcel-André Casasola Merkle
  • Published by Brain Games
  • Can be purchased at

In Pyramid of the Pengqueen, One player plays the Pengqueen – penguin mummy and the other explorers trying to find treasure. The Twist to this game is it is done via a 3d standup boards and magnets. One side is the mummy and they cannot see where players are. The other side are the adventurers, and they can see the mummy. The treasure hunter that finds all their treasure first wins – however if the mummy player collects a number of “life” tokens (by catching treasure hunters) – they win. This game is currently ranked #7 Best Children’s Game at Board Game Geek.

Shadows in the Forest (Ages 8+)

  • Player Count: 2-8
  • Ages: 8+
  • Designed by Walter Kraul
  • Published by ThinkFun
  • Can be purchased at

Our last game on this list, Shadows in the Forest, unlike other games on this list, you actually play in the dark, and use little LED lantern that comes in the game! Here is more the description of the game from BGG One player moves the LED lantern around in search of Shadowlings, mysterious creatures who avoid the light. The lantern illuminates the forest and trees, casting real shadows on the game board. The rest of the players work together, strategically moving their Shadowlings to stay out of the light in this innovative board game for kids and families.”

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