Boxcars is a roll and write, dice drafting, train game for 1-5 players (Ages 8+), designed by Michael and Lisa Eskue (the team behind Trash Pandas). Players race to load trains in preparation to ship their goods to various destinations. Each score pad consists of six trains to be loaded: Durango, Dodge City, Pecos, Deadwood, Redrock and Denver. Players use their dice results to fulfill the various requirements for each train. Each train is made up of one or more boxcars. The first player to complete a train scores the higher of the two bonus point values shown on the engine. Any players who manage to complete that train later in the game score the lower bonus point value. Players may also allocate dice results to loaders, which help them on later turns. The game ends when a player has successfully completed the requirements for three or more trains.

All you need to play is a pencil, 7 six-sided dice and something to write with. Note: This game is still a work in progress, so you never know – we may one day update the rules or sheets (or both).

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