Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

Here are some free to download coloring pages for our readers. Feel free to share the PDF’s of the coloring pages freely.


Adventure Meeple, our mascot here at Adventures in Gameschooling. Designed by Jon Merchant.

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This beautifully illustrated Meeple from board game artist, Beth Sobel. Beth has illustrated many board games including, Viticulture, Lantern: The Harvest Festival, and Herbaceous.

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Meepletangle by AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps of Girls’ Game Shelf (  AnnaMaria, who is an advocate of gameschooling, can be found on Twitter @GirlsPlay_Games.


Circus Corgis

Circus Corgis from Zerua Games is a family trick-taking game that will be on Kickstarter on February 26, 2020.  Thanks to the artist (and designer) Amelie Le-Roche, you can color some circus corgis of your own.

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Shulk Hollow

Skulk Hollow is a 2-player, asymmetric, tactical combat game where players take the roles of either a band of Foxen heroes or a towering behemoth of a Guardian. It is published by Pencil First Games. Thanks to AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps, the social media director for Pencil First Games, we are able to offer this on the site, for free download and sharing. Make sure to check out Shulk Hollow on Pencil’s First website at:

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The Foxen

These resources are free to print and should not be sold. Feel free to share these files with others! If you enjoy this resource or use it in your home or classroom- please let us know on Twitter @gameschooling or Facebook at We love to see some pictures.

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