Comic Book Cover Coloring Sheets: Science Fiction Edition!

Comic Book Cover Coloring Sheets: Science Fiction Edition!

April 3, 2020 0 By Andhegames

Andrew mines old comic (non-copyrighted ones) covers and makes printable coloring sheets for download.

Coloring sheets are an excellent starting point for getting creative juices flowing. More times than I can count, our girls have turned the characters they have drawn or colored into dramatic productions, heroes in stories they write, or the basis for a new imaginary world. You could also turn coloring itself into a game by assigning numbers 1-6 a color, then rolling dice to determine which color you use next! Adding to a coloring sheet with your own patterns, designs, extra eyes, collage, or captions unlocks even more ways to foster creativity.

We’ve got a cool collection of science fiction comic book covers today, download and enjoy!

Download the coloring sheets!

Editor’s Note: To our knowledge (and Andrew’s) these are all non-copyright comic book covers that Andrew has made into coloring pages. 

Andrew makes creativity-inspiring games at, writes at, and is Papa to three great daughters, who he is homeschooling.