“Evolution: Education Edition” a Digital-Based Game for Learning

“Evolution: Education Edition” a Digital-Based Game for Learning

April 24, 2020 0 By boardgamingwitheducation

Dustin tells us a little bit about North Star Games’ Evolution: Education Edition

Disclaimer: The author of this post consults for North Star Games.

North Star Games is no stranger to publishing games with an educational context. They are responsible for publishing games like, “Evolution” and “Oceans.” Both have great backdrops for rich educational content. “Evolution” has been used in prestigious learning institutions like the evolutionary biology department at the University of Oxford. It was even featured in Nature magazine as a game that “deftly captures how natural selection produces organisms adapted to their environments.”

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North Star Game Digital Studios is set to release the digital game “Evolution: Education Edition” on April 9th that will be jam-packed with additional educational content. The game continues where “Evolution” the board and digital game left off. And adaptation is the name of the game when it comes to surviving in the real world and winning the game. Students must develop their species by selecting different traits that help them obtain the necessary food for survival.

The ever-evolving ecosystem shows how cause and effect relationships develop in the game and in real life. Each trait impacts the ecosystem in realistic ways that require students to be cognizant of the evolving ecosystem and what it takes to both survive and win the game. The interactions between different species and the ecosystem as a whole are apparent in the emergent gameplay. For example, too much food leads to overpopulation. So, players need to adapt to other species in the game which imitates the real interactions among species and changes of ecosystems in the real world.

I highly recommend adding this digital version of the game to your game-based learning library. It is a perfect digital-based game for understanding ecosystems, cause and effect, real-world animal traits, and encouraging critical thinking. Be sure to check out “Evolution: Education Edition” now! You can find download links to the game, a lesson plan, and more information about the game.