Fine Motor Skills Tracing Sheets

Fine Motor Skills Tracing Sheets

April 30, 2020 0 By Andhegames

Andrew Printable – Some downloadable fine motor skills tracing sheets.

Too many kids learn one thing from school: learning is boring. And no wonder: a lot of education is pretty relentlessly unimaginative and uninspired. Anyone with any sense would find many educational materials far from engaging.

This is tragic for any child, because we know that learning can be one of the most enjoyable activities we can engage in. Young children know how great learning is – our challenge as educators is to not ruin learning for our children. Children will learn with joy, as long as we don’t have them do “low-grade clerical work”, as Ken Robinson says, and tell them they should enjoy it.

These activity sheets will help develop fine motor skills, it’s true. But first and foremost, they’re fun. I’ve tested them on my own children (4 and 8yrs old). There was a lot of focused drawing and giggling – and they enjoyed naming most of the patterns for you!

Download “Squiggle” tracing sheets

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