In Foodfighters each player controls a team of foods trying to win a food fight against the other team. The first player to knock out three matching foods from the other team wins! 

The game goes turn-for-turn until one player wins. On your turn in this order:

  • You may Swap (change your fighters to a different location), Attack (the other team), or Roll for Beans (currency in the game to buy powers to help your team).

  • You may spend your Beans on crackers, spoons, and powers.

  • Your opponent fills any gaps in their formation.

…then play passes to the other player. 

Designed by Helaina and Josh Cappel, founders of the family board game publishing company, Kids Table Board Gaming. If you enjoy this print and play edition of Foodfighters you can find a nice copy with engraved dice and wooden bits on their website (click here). There are also a number of add on factions expansions that can be gotten for the game. Also, for those that like the print and play version, on Board Game Geek you can download an exclusive print and play faction – the Scoville Peppers.


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