Games for Earth Day & Arbor Day

Games for Earth Day & Arbor Day

April 20, 2020 0 By Ryan Sanders

Ryan looks at some games to play to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day.

This week we see both Earth Day (Wednesday, April 22nd) and Arbor Day (Friday, April 24th). If you like to play some games to help celebrate the day, we have you covered. We have two free to download PDFs we are offering.

To view/download pdf you can click the link or the photo of the one you want. 

First we have Earth Day  [PDF]

Then we have Arbor Day [PDF]

No matter what games you play we hope you have fun and remember to enjoy the time you have with the those you play with.

This resource is free to print and should not be sold. Feel free to share these files with others! If you enjoy this resource or use it in your home or classroom- please let us know on Twitter @gameschooling or Facebook at We love to see some pictures.

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