Gameschool Logs

Gameschool Logs

The Gameschool Log is a way a student can keep track of games they played throughout the year for gameschooling. To be printed out and placed in a 3 ringed binder (or pronged folder). The “x?” is for if the student played a game more than once in a given day (so they don’t have to write it out multiple times). The “Games Total” at the bottom, is a way you can know how many games were played on that given page. This feature is for those that would like to keep track of how many games they played through the school year, by only having to add up the totals on each page at the end of the year.

Click on the unlined titles to be taken to the pdf. 


  • Gameschool Log B – 18 lines, but a subject column, to put code in that relates to what subject you used the game for (use code on the bottom or add your own)


  • Gameschool Log Weekly – 12 lines for games and plus a notes section (i.e. what subject the game’s cover, if there is a project around a certain game or even keep track of who won). Also in the top right corner, you can keep track of which school week it is and what dates that week covers. If you plan on playing a game multiple times a week, this is a good option as the child doesn’t have to write the name of the game multiple times, instead, they track it with tally marks.



This resource is free to print and should not be sold. Feel free to share these files with others! If you enjoy this resource or use it in your home or classroom- please let us know on Twitter @gameschooling or Facebook at We love to see some pictures.