Go Forth And Gameschool – Podcast

Go Forth And Gameschool – Podcast

September 25, 2020 0 By Tom Gurg

Tom and Ryan (the guys behind Adventures in Gameschooling) also do a podcast called Go Forth and Game on occasion. Here are 2 new episodes with a strictly gameschool focus:

https://goforthandgame.libsyn.com/go-forth-and-gameschool-gameschooling-101  {Part 1}

https://goforthandgame.libsyn.com/go-forth-and-gameschool {Part 2}

Tom Gurganus has been homeschooling father for the last 22 years. He and his wife have graduated two and have a third almost finished. Tom is the co-founder of Adventures In Gameschooling with Ryan. As a follower of Christ, he believes that he should encourage and build up others. This is one of the main drivers of Adventures In Gameschooling - to encourage a love for learning and enhance relationships through games and play. Tom has an extensive network within the game industry community through his blog and podcast Go Forth And Game. With over ten years of interviews with game designers and publishers as well as game reviews, Tom has a wealth of gaming knowledge to share. It is his mission to bridge the gap between schoolers and gamers.