Istanbul or Constantinople?

Istanbul or Constantinople?

Istanbul? Constantinople? Lygos? Byzantium? Turkey’s capital has gone by many names and you want it known through the streets that your favorite was the greatest name! Istanbul or Constantinople? sees players attempting to gain influence in this naming debate throughout the streets of a great city. Double-sided cards will show different values for each player that they are attempting to total and reach scoring conditions. By Swapping, Flipping, and Replacing cards a player or team of players can claim a street for their own and gain those people on their side of the debate. Influence is gained from the highest valued card in the street. The first player to reach 19 Influence, or the most after the last street is claimed, is victorious!

In Istanbul or Constantinople?,  (designed by Cecilia and Eric Hyland) players are trying to use 18 cards to add up (adding both positive numbers and negative numbers) to certain target goals. When you claim a street you will score points – first to 19 influence points wins. Please note, for those using this in a classroom setting, the game does feature some cards with characters smoking long wooden pipes from the time period it is set in.  

Print and Play advice: You can either print double-sided making sure page 3 and 4 go together and 5 and 6 go together. Or cards can be cut and placed in sleeves (or glued together). The cards themselves tell you what should be on the other side (little numbers tell you what’s on back, see rules).  Istanbul or Constantinople? will be out soon from Concrete Canoe Games after having a successful Kickstarter.

This is a black and white print-and-play.


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