Paletto is a 2 or 3-player abstract strategy game, for ages 6+. Designed by Dieter Stein. The game is played on a board with 36 spaces with 6 different color pieces (6 each).

The game is won by the player who either takes all 6 pieces of any color or whoever takes the last piece from the board. On a turn, a player a play takes a color as long as there is an empty space on 2 sides (read: empty here would be colored in spaces or the 4 corners) AND, it wouldn’t break up the board into two different sections.

If you would like to see examples of the rules you can do so by going to Mr. Stein’s rule page for the game by clicking here. Otherwise, the rules are printed on each of the PnP sheets.

This Paletto printable board has the rules on the bottom and can be played by gather 36 cubes – 6 each in 6 colors. You can also alternatively use things, like M&Ms for a treat and a game

We also offer this PnP version designed by Daniel Ajoy, instead of colors, players are using shapes and predetermined board setups (don’t worry there are 40 to choose from) and they will color in the shapes.

Example of Daniel Ajoy's Paletto PnP

In the US, if you like to get a wooden version of Paletto (like the one pictured above), with the color discs, you can do so at The Wood Wagon (click here). If you live in Europe, there are multiple versions of the game you can get on through Gerhards Spiel and Design (website here).


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