Raging Bulls is a solo, roll and write game by designer Mark Tuck (designer of Orchard)  for ages 8+. The game is easy to put together – just print the print and play PDF file, and then gather up a pencil, 3 different colored dice (d6), and a ruler (or another straight edge).

A number of bulls are randomly placed in a field at the start of the game. The player will build fences (draw straight lines) across the field in order to enclose and separate the bulls in it. Possible starting and finishing points (fence posts) are chosen from the dice you roll. There is also an element of push your luck – do you risk losing a life (mallet) by going for that final fence to complete the Field or move on to the next Field and score less points? The game features 4 fields of increasing difficulty that you will play over during the course of the game.

The expansion for Raging Bulls can be found here: https://www.adventuresingameschooling.com/raging-bulls/raging-bulls-further-afield/

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