Rolling Village!

Rolling Village!

Welcome Mayor! Design the best village possible with paper, pen and a bit of luck!

– Two standard d6 dice shared by all the players.
– A Village Sheet and a pen for each player.

Objective of the game:
Players fill their Village Sheet building Projects (House , Forest , Lake and Square) and score points at the end of each turn then add them up for the final score.

How to play:
At the beginning of each turn, one player rolls two dice for everyone. Players simultaneously take their turn in this sequence:

Using the faces shown on the dice will draw projects on the village grid.

At the end of each turn, the sum of the two dice rolled will define the Avenue (a row of the Village) that is active for
scoring. Each player must check the Projects drawn on that specific row and consider them for scoring.
Check for any group of Projects in your Village: a group is defined by adjacent Projects of the same type.
A group of Projects will score points at the end of the turn only if it does have at least one Project in the active row. That group will score all the points depicted on the spaces where you have drawn a Project of that type.

After the 9th turn, each player sum all the points scored during the game, determining their final score. The player with the highest score is the winner.

-description from designer, D. Di Maggio (on its BGG Page

You can download copies of the game by clicking the following links:

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