Sliding into the Quest

Sliding into the Quest

November 5, 2019 0 By Ryan Sanders

Ryan reviews Slide Quest from Blue Orange Games.

Slide Quest, a co-operative game (for 1-4 players) is one of Blue Orange Games’ new 2019 releases. The game itself has a toy factor to it, as players are tilting the board with yellow levers, and moving a knight (who has a marble for legs) across a map, while trying to stay on the path of light (a path from start to finish), avoid traps (holes in the board, as well as dynamite on the board) and fight bad guys. The game itself comes with 20 maps and a video game type life system (read: hearts) that allows you to adjust the difficulty level. Play can be either 5 levels or all 20 (and there is a way to “save” your game if you choose to do the latter and need to put it up). To win, complete the levels with at least one heart left, that simple.

So, the reason you are most likely reading this review – what are your thoughts on Slide Quest?

There isn’t much to say on this one, if you ever enjoyed a tilt style puzzle, you most likely enjoy this one. However, if not, this one may not be your style game. If playing with children, they need to be the age (the recommended age is 7+) where they understand sometimes you have to hard tilt, and sometimes you have to slowly and softly tilt, or your knight will be all over the place. It may take a game or two (or at least three or so maps/levels) to get used to the game, once you do, the fun (and frustration on those guard or boss levels) happens. The base game seems the right amount of challenge to play with children, with each level getting harder. For those looking for more of a challenge (like adult play only), there are ways to adjust your life, as well as a variant that adds a phone app timer to the mix. I personally found the game to be better when playing with older kids, as well – they understand the idea of how the levelers work and the direction the knight goes. That said, our of my kids that have played Slide Quest (which was my 5 and 11-year-old) both had a really great time playing this game. 

 Slide Quest’s subtitle is “The Video Game Board Game” – and it does have that puzzle app video game feel to it. It’s a game that will engage/fascinate your children as they play. In fact, the best way to end this mini-review – is to point out that my 5th grader actually recommends Slide Quest for a Christmas present for kids his age this year. How’s that for a recommendation! 

As a side note, if you’re looking for a second game to pick up this Christmas, you might want to look into Blue Orange’s other “quest” game – Doodle Quest – which is a super fun one as well. 

Slide Quest is available now on 

Thanks to Blue Orange Games for sending a review copy of Slide Quest for an honest opinion. 

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