Spurs & Sprockets 

Spurs & Sprockets 

Spurs and Sprockets is a perfect information, abstract strategy game for two players. Players have eight matching tiles that they take turns placing orthogonally into a 4 X 4 grid, in an attempt to link three or four in a row. There is no board in Spurs and Sprockets so the grid grows organically, based on the placement of tiles.

Spurs and Sprockets comes with sixteen tiles and rules for four different ways of playing, ranging from a simple Tic-Tac-Toe-like game where players gain 8 points for four in a row and 3 points for each set of three in a row, to a game where every placement of a tile may result in an attack and removal of another tile.

Enjoy the print-and-play and want new decks, themed decks or more players?  You can order the Spurs and Sprockets Revolutionary Decks (based off of Revolutionary War) on The Game Crafter that plays up to 3 people (click here to be taken to its TGC page). There is also Spurs and Sprockets Landships (based off of WW2) that can play up to 6 people (click here to be taken to its TGC page).

Note: These tiles have no backs. You may want to print them out on sticker paper and stick it to some cardboard (for example cereal boxes or thicker mailing cardboard and cut them out.). This print and play is for 2-players.


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